A hug, metaphorically speaking

When I came across the blogging metaphor group writing project on Successful-Blog.com, it didn’t take me very long to figure out the correct metaphor for my blog. Really, what I want to accomplish with this blog is to not only focus my search for fulfillment, find fulfillment daily and stop overanalyzing everything and just enjoy the moment, but to be able to help others do all those things. I want other mothers to realize that it’s okay to be a mom—not “just a mom,” but a mother.

It’s okay to stay home with your children. The work you do within the walls of your home is more important than anything you can do outside of them. Even the million dollars in future earnings that you’re supposedly giving up by “putting your career on hold.”

But just knowing it’s important isn’t enough. I want mothers to feel appreciated and to know that what they do is important and worthwhile—and fulfilling. I want them to know that motherhood isn’t just drudgery. It’s not just boring, horrible work and endless laundry and diapers and stupid games and wrangling toddlers away from outlets.

I want to tell mothers this because it is so easy to forget that something as mundane as motherhood can be, it is the most important thing you can do with your life. And if you try (or if you let it), it can also be the most worthwhile and fulfilling venture you’ll ever undertake.

That’s what I want my blog to be. I’m thinking about lots of other projects that might help with this—another group writing project (next month, ladies!), maybe a podcast (would you be interested in this?), etc. But to choose a metaphor for what my blog means or what I want it to mean to others is very easy. Because if I could, I would take every mother in the world one-on-one, and tell her how I feel—and give her a hug.

But since I can’t do that, I’ll reach out and put my words around you to reassure you that you matter and that what you do matters and that your work is appreciated.


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17 thoughts on “A hug, metaphorically speaking

  1. Great post!! I like this idea. And since my girls do not want to nap this week, or right now, I need to be reminded again and again.

  2. I find a loving and *vocally* appreciative husband helps combat a lot of the feelings you talk about.

    At work you receive praise and recognition, it really helps to get this if your job is based within the home.

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