Ah, young love

I was going to take a picture of the 3-4″ of snow that fell last night, but it all melted, so instead I’ll be playing catchup on pictures (I’ll tell you which one the title applies to, but I’m sure you’ll be able to guess).

two fisted drinker
Two fisted drinker. His grandma introduced him to root beer, if you’ll recall.

Hayden 13 months 076.jpg
That’s one really weird deformity.

Hayden 13 months 077.jpg
Tie monster!

(Cleaned out Ryan’s closet. This writhing mass now resides on the floor… on my side of the bed. Go figure.)

Hayden 13 months 081.jpg
Hayden’s new home

Hayden 13 months 083.jpg
Helping with chores. I think we had a picture of me mopping when I was about 2, so this runs in the family.

Hayden 13 months 087.jpg
Here it is, young love. Whiskers needs it.

Haydie actually did that all by himself today. He was whining and trying to pick the kitty up, so I had him sit down and placed Whiskers on his lap. Spontaneous hugs. Sweet boy.

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