And lest I forget. . .

There’s been one more coming in recent weeks:

On Sunday, Hayden got his first tooth! I was waiting until I had a picture to share, but Hayden doesn’t want to show off his tooth, and there’s isn’t a whole lot to see yet.

He doesn’t really seem bothered by it at all—happy as a clam. He has taken to biting his wrist, which I’m sure hurts him. His tooth also sometimes hits the spoon as he’s eating his solid foods, but I think that’s cute. He’s very enthusiastic about eating from a spoon. Whenever he sees it, he opens his mouth wide. When I give him a bite, he leans forward to chomp down on the spoon (sometimes resulting in lots of strained carrots on his upper lip and nose!).

At the doctor on Monday, he was in the 8th percentile for weight (up until now, he’s always been in the 25th percentile for weight). The doctor said that was pretty common as he becomes more mobile (and boy, is he ever!), but to make sure to feed him frequently.

And he also was hardly bothered by his shots—he cried for a minute, then calmed down once I picked him up! Brave little boy!

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