And some pictures

He did this to himself
Hayden Potato Head
Yeah, those are Mr. Potato Head’s.

Hayden ready for school
He added the hat himself.

Hayden ready for school
His Mickey backpack (and the reason why he says “ba’ pa'” when he sees Mickey on TV)

Little boy/very small man
His hands in his pockets and his pockets in his pants

Little diva
No pictures, please

A favorite game: Night night!
Nai nai! And Tee! Hayden loves to mug for the camera, even while pretending to sleep.


It’s glove monster!
It’s a glove monster!

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7 thoughts on “And some pictures

  1. cute kid! can’t wait for my baby boy to grow like him… by the way i’m sharing my ebook on Rediscovering Your Intelligence in my site… you might be interested to take a look at it. blessings!

  2. each of my children have done the potato head one. I always love that, but I think the mickey back pack and him standing in front of the tv with hands in pockets are cute.

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