Ask and ye shall receive

Friday morning I was suddenly reminded that the event of the year for my industry, Search Marketing Expo Advanced (SMX), was impending. I’d wanted to buy tickets long before, but frugality, homebodiness and an insatiable need to be with my son won out. Tickets were sold out now, plus I’d have to travel to Seattle.

I lamented my case to my husband, who recommended that I e-mail my boss, Andy, to see if he had any extra passes. I demured. And that afternoon, Andy posted on the blog—he had come across an extra pass. Did any readers want it? I said I did, but so did a couple other readers, who wouldn’t have to travel.

Andy decided I deserved it (how deeply flattering!). And now I’m in Seattle.

Saturday I’d convinced myself that I deserved/needed/would enjoy some time away from Hayden. Not that I don’t love him, of course (I know you understand). But ever since he was born, I realized that motherhood was the one job I’d never be able to take a vacation from, no matter how burned out I got.

And here I am on vacation (ish).

So, we shall see how my son and I hold up apart. A huge thank you to my friends who are watching him today and tomorrow. I’ll be home very early Wednesday morning, and back into motherhood.

But today, I’m playing the part of the experienced professional. Oh, and I’m also pretending to be outgoing and friendly, which is a lot harder in person than it is online and in print. (Luckily, an opening social last night broke the ice, so I should be okay. I hope.)

Blogging may be a bit light until Thursday, but I’ll try to get a couple posts in.

5 thoughts on “Ask and ye shall receive

  1. Congrats! So is this your first night away from Hayden?!?! I’ve never been to Seattle…but I’ve heard good things about it. It’s a sister city to Nantes, FR (where I studied abroad and so it’s definitely one my list of places to go!)

    Have fun! And enjoy the break

  2. Wow, a marketing conference would definitely be my slice of pie, too! I majored in Business/minored in Marketing in college :). Hope you had a blast, and I’m having a ton of fun going through your website!! Have to make some serious time to read your great articles!! Thanks again for hosting the writing contest, it was lots of fun! -Mary from Vocation of Motherhood

  3. Thanks Mary! I did have a good time. I didn’t study anything even close to marketing, and yet here I am in Internet marketing. Hope you enjoy the rest of the site!

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