Baby’s First/Second Christmas

Since we had Baby’s First Christmas November 25, December 25 is Hayden’s First/Second Christmas. Hopefully next year we’ll be consolidating the nomenclature.

Santa brought Hayden an adorable set of table and chairs (picture; Santa shops at Bed, Bath and Beyond, which of course now has them for 50% off. Poor overspending Santa) which are waiting for him at home (we’re in San Diego with Ryan’s parents; the drive was lovely and yes, that’s sarcasm). Here he has a ball, two BYU baseball caps, a BYU sweatshirt (can you tell his parents met at BYU?), Down by the Bay songbook and CD, a Leap Frog Phonics bus, a Leap Frog Baby Little Touch LeapPad book and a Leap Frog Baby Little Touch LeapPad puzzle (two separate electronic devices). Oh, and of course, Leap Frog Maracas that he opened last week. They go great with his Leap Frog Drum (and his baby piano).

Ryan’s right: we should’ve bought stock in Leap Frog.

The other big news: Hayden’s first spontaneous steps! He just decided to walk to Mom while we were talking with his great grandparents (whom he met last Thursday for the first time). We have a little video of him walking yesterday, but sorry, no pictures or videos until we get home (don’t want to tie up my in-laws’ phone line forever—we’re on dial up here).

Holiday shopping: check. Holiday baking: check. Holiday knitting: almost check. VERY close. Holiday wrapping: one more recipient’s gift to go. Shopping days till Christmas: -1.

Thank you to everyone and we hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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