The best commercial ever

Update: FOUND ONE!

The best commercial ever is on TNT. The first time we saw it, Ryan and I both jumped. It beings with the distinctive “dunk DUNK” sound from my favorite show, Law & Order. It’s a little unnerving when you know you’re not watching Law & Order.

Anyway, “dunk DUNK.” We’re in a parking lot. There’s a guy standing by his car, waiting. I think the car has something about “L&O” on its license plate. The voice-over tells his name. As he places his insulated “I <3 L&O” mug on the roof of his car, the voice-over, done by the guy from the title credits of L&O, tells us that this guy loves Law & Order. Duh. Favorite character: Jack McCoy. Jack’s face is on the guy’s watch face. The guy carpools with guy 2, Johnson. He (guy 1) often finds Johnson GUILTY of being late, making him miss Law & Order reruns on TNT.

I love Law & Order reruns on TNT. My favorite seasons are Lennie’s, of course. I actually prefer Rey Curtis as the junior partner to Mike Logan, but he’s second. Ed Greene’s okay, too, but Rey’s my fave.

But my question is: where can I get that mug?

Edited to add: The mug quest update

Update: FOUND ONE!

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  1. Have you seend the commercials with Lennie’s pithy sayings? Of course they don’t use the word pithy, but they should!

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