But I mean that in a kind, loving way

My sister and I looked at some pictures of an old friend of mine. She was like, “In some of these, he looks a little . . . dorky.”

“He is dorky,” I replied matter-of-factly. And then I remembered: some people think “dork” and “dorky” are mean words. I do not. To me, those words don’t mean the same thing as geek/geeky or nerd/nerdy.

Before Ryan and I even started dating, we were talking my roommate at the time, Sarah. Ryan revealed that he hadn’t really dated in high school, aside from proms and the like. Sarah and I were delighted to discover that, as we immediately exclaimed, “You were a dork!” That was actually one of the first things that endeared him to me.

So dorkiness is definitely not a bad thing—which is good news for Hayden. Hayden judging from his genes, will come by it honest. Yeah, that’s me in the picture.