Call him ‘Chip’

Warning: this picture is a little scary.

Hayden’s chipped tooth

Ahh!! A huge giant mouth!! Ahh!!!

Okay, seriously, this is to show that Hayden has chipped a tooth. (The one on the upper right/his upper left: inside bottom corner.) :( He’s only had that tooth for 5 months. At least it’s just a little chip. (It looks bigger when it’s in focus…)

Not sure how that happened. He likes to fall off stairs, chairs and couches… Don’t know.

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One thought on “Call him ‘Chip’

  1. My daughter’s first visit to a dentist was after she fell face first on the tile floor on her brand new front teeth. She didn’t chip them but bruised the gums around them pretty badly. Good thing they are only baby teeth. Still…ouch!

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