Cell phone hijinks

Last week, we introduced Hayden to ranch dressing. On pizza. (This is Ryan’s idea of food.)

He was a bit suspicious at first. He eyed his little bite of pizza with white stuff on it, but wouldn’t touch it. I tried to feed it to him. He gingerly licked the ranch dressing. After two or three tastes, he decided he liked it, and ate the bite of pizza.

Apparently he liked it quite a bit. He toddled off and fetched my cell phone, brought it back, and dipped it in the ranch dressing. That was fun to clean up. I must have shorted my old battery in the process. Good thing I’ve had a new one sitting around for a while now.

To complete the story, Hayden’s cell phone (Ryan’s old phone) has been missing for a few days. Neither Ryan nor I had any idea where it was or even how long it had been missing.

Today Haydie was eating some graham cracker sticks today and dumped the box on the floor. What should come tumbling out but his phone!

Gotta love those little reminders.

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