Clean your house faster

I spent some time working as a custodian (okay, a janitor). I deep cleaned apartments for four months and cleaned my husband’s offices (including 4 bathrooms and a large kitchen) for two years. So if you want the maximum results in the least amount of time, here are a few tips from an “old pro.”

  • Work from the top down. Wipe down countertops (or dust other surfaces). Don’t worry about collecting all the stuff from your counters (totally gross), just wipe it right on the floor. Scrub spills if necessary.
  • Sweep kitchen floor. Don’t stoop and fiddle with dustpans (I hate those). Sweep right onto a carpeted area.
  • Vacuum up all the crumblies.
  • It saves me time to use my DustBuster for edging carpets; this probably depends on the ease of using your vacuum cleaner’s tools.

If you’re going to be doing all of those things anyway, may as well save yourself a little time and effort in collecting and carrying all the trash around with you.

Biggest bang for your buck cleaning
For maximum impact, hit these areas first:

  • Dishes in the sink. Stick them in the diswasher. I give you permission not to rinse them.
  • Clutter on horizontal surfaces. Sigh. A constant battle in my kitchen.
  • Stuff in the middle of the floor. Find a place for these things. In my house, this stuff is almost always toys, shoes and newspapers. I try to put these things away before bed; keeps the house cleaner so I can focus on other things if I have to clean in a panic.
  • Vacuum. You wouldn’t think that it’s worth it, but a very clean floor makes everything feel tidy.

A little obvious, I know, but one of my biggest problems in “panic cleaning” is focusing on the most important things. I suddenly notice that the table is dusty, and I have to take care of that. I vacuum and realize that the table is dirty. I stop and clear it off and shake the tablecloth out and then start vacuuming again….

As always, this fun tip is one of dozens to be found at Rocks In My Dryer (a popular parent blogger) on Works-for-me Wednesday

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  1. This may sound silly but my biggest thing is just cleaning up after myself. So if I put a dish in the diswasher right after I use it, the dishes don’t pile up and it makes my life so much easier!

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