Comings and goings, new arrivals

It has been a month of comings and goings in the MamaBlogga household.

Coming. My sister-in-law Stacy, her husband Todd and daughter Skye arrive for a vacation July 28th.

Going. The nearly-30-year-old water heater gives up the ghost on July 29th, the one year anniversary of closing on our house. No hot showers for Sunday! Will the home warranty cover this? We find our policy, dated August 9, but with the wrong real estate agent and address listed. Were we faxed the wrong policy?

Coming. The plumber comes, says the water heater’s not worth saving, and wheels in new arrival #1: a new water heater. The warranty covers all but a small service fee. Hot water all around! Thrilling photo to the right.

Coming. My cousin Alexa comes to stay with us on August 1. Since the guest bedroom is occupied, Lexi gets an air mattress in the dining room. She is a huge help with Hayden.

Going. Stacy, Todd and Skye leave to go stay with his brother on August 2. They are extremely helpful in readying the house for my next guests.

Coming. My mom and sister Jasmine arrive late at night on August 2.

Going . . . going . . . gone! The refrigerator, which I think is about 20 years old, loses its heroic battle against old age. The battle began at the beginning of July, but the fridge finally succumbed in the first week of August. The home warranty does not cover this because it does not include the refrigerator.

Going. Mom, Jasmine and Alexa head to Alexa’s home (mom’s sister’s) in southern Utah on August 7. The house is empty, but not very quiet as Hayden tries to fill the silence with enthusiastic grunts.

Coming. My dad arrives late on August 9. Hayden is awake to greet him when we arrive home from the airport, having harried Ryan for almost 2 hours. Dad’s happy to see the little guy, me less so (he should be sleeping!!!).

Coming. Mom and Jasmine return from my aunt’s house on August 10.

Coming. New arrival #2, the new refrigerator arrives on August 12. Love the fridge (although it’s a little bit smaller than our old one—the freezer’s already stuffed!), not so enthused about the service (more on that another time).

Coming. My in-laws arrive on August 16. They stayed in a hotel, however.

Going. My parents and Jasmine fly out early in the morning on August 19. Sad.

Coming. My in-laws come to stay with us on August 20.

Going. My in-laws head home this morning. More sad.

As you can imagine, all this commotion has wrought havoc on Hayden’s sleeping patterns, both day and night. I hope that everything will get back to “normal” soon for him.

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