Group Writing Project


  • Your post can take any form as long as it reflects the theme, Five years from now. This includes Facebook, Twitter or other social media posts, as long as they’re public enough for me to see them (because I can’t count what I can’t see!). (If you’re submitting a social media post, you can put anything in the “Post Title” box: the name of the network, “entry,” how much you love me and my blog. You get the picture.)
  • The prize for at least one post, chosen at random, is a gift certificate to
  • Only new posts are eligible (i.e., posts that were not published prior to 15 July 2011).
  • To submit your post to the MamaBlogga Group Writing Project, please use the form on this page. All submissions must be in by midnight on 23 July 2011. (If it’s still July 23 somewhere in the world, we’ll take it.)
  • We’d appreciate it if you linked back to the Group Writing Project (especially using the words “group writing project” in your anchor text 😀 ) so that other bloggers can find out how to join in.

Submission Form

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