Contests & Crafts!

All right, let’s start this C-themed post off right: the winner of the Aquaphor is:



The second part of our C-themed post is also about a contest: the first three chapters + synopsis of Façade, my current fiction manuscript, were named as a finalist in the Crested Butte Writers’ Sandy Contest, Thriller/Suspense category! Woot!

Even better, I get a chance to revise my entry with the judges’ feedback this week. Then, along with the other four finalists’, my entry will be winging its way to the final judge: Sarah Knight, senior editor at Simon & Schuster.

It’s weird just typing that.

So, I’m off to re-polish my entry!

One more big announcement: along with my mother and three sisters, I’ve started a craft blog! So, if you’re into knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, sewing, baking, home decorating or otherwise creating, please check out Wayward Girls’ Crafts! Check out our giveaways all this week!

And, to wrap up: C is for Cookie. That’s good enough for me.

Do you have any good news to share?

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One thought on “Contests & Crafts!

  1. Wow I have good luck on your giveaways! Sweet!

    CONGRATS on being a finalist in the writing competition! That’s awesome. It’s so good to be validated and rewarded. :) Good luck in the final round!

    I will definitely go check out your craft blog. Perhaps it will inspire me to be more crafty. Scrapbooking is about as crafty as I get.

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