Cool stuff: save money

So sometimes I come across some cool stuff. Makes my day, y’know? So here is installment one of “Cool stuff.” It will be on things/sites/systems/etc. that can help you save money. Why? Because I hate spending money. I can’t bring myself to pay $11 for a pair of shoes (okay, maybe if I were in love with the shoes, but I haven’t fallen in love with shoes lately). So, in no particular order:

The Grocery Game. Clip coupons and subscribe to the list to get the best deals at a grocery store near you. Probably more useful to someone with a bigger family, but I’m sorry to say that before this the concept of collecting and holding on to coupons until things went on sale hadn’t occurred to me. The original starter of the list, Teri, realized that grocery store sales go in cyclical 12 week patterns. When an item’s on sale (obviously nonperishable), stock up on a 3 month supply of food and restock only when it’s on sale again. Very neat idea.

Cut your grocery bill in half. An article with useful strategies, but even more useful advice on where to find the best coupons.

The Grocery Guru. I just signed up for a class from the Grocery Guru Ken Roesbery on Wednesday (free, no less) to learn how to do the Grocery Game system myself. He does these classes at least from Logan to Provo. Don’t live in Utah? I’m sure there’s someone doing this where you live. I read about him in the paper first, but he’s also on one of the network news shows. Look around. Or ask me about it after Wednesday.

Save money every day. An article with few more grocery tips, and some good ones like how to get cheap, cheap, cheap (and fresh, fresh, fresh) produce and to shop at dollar stores. I just went to the DollarTree in town for the first time on Thursday. It was the best dollar store I’ve ever been in—no kidding! You wouldn’t even think you were in a dollar store (other than the signs everywhere). Big, bright, spacious—I’m never driving down to the Provo one again!

So, a little cool stuff. Hooray.