A crystal ball

I think it was someone in a store (or was it at church?) that recently said to me, “Isn’t it amazing to see their little personalities emerging at this age?” Of course, I agreed (must be polite!) without really contemplating what she’d said. I’ve thought about it more and more lately. I’ve decided that if Hayden’s behavior today is indicative of his future personality, I think he’ll be:

  • persistent—if he can’t get something he wants at first, try, try again. And again. And again. Then scream. And try one more time.
  • curious—of course, most babies are into everything.
  • brave—or perhaps fearless or maybe just senseless. Nothing seems to scare him (other than sudden loud noises and shots, and even then he gets over it quickly).
  • friendly and quick to laugh—we haven’t met a stranger yet that Hayden hasn’t smiled for.
  • quiet—it seems like most of the time, he doesn’t say a whole lot. He’s in a babbling phase, but he often just quietly concentrates on whatever he’s playing with.
  • and I hope loving—this Sunday I was holding Sadie and Hayden on my lap and Hayden spontaneously reached out and gave Sadie a hug. He’s never done that before!

Of course, if this morning is any indicator, he’ll be a whiny, willful troublemaker, too.

Oh, also this Sunday at church: Hayden climbed stairs for the first time! Just in time for Nana’s and Papa’s tomorrow.

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