Cutting the pork

It’s no secret: Hayden is a nursey boy. He loves solid foods now, too, but sometimes the only thing that can make the world an okay place to be is a nursey.

In search marketing, there’s another nursing mother who’s far more prominent than am I: Jennifer Laycock. Have you heard her name recently? Perhaps you’ve heard of her blog, the Lactivist? Perhaps you’ve heard one of the slogans from her pro-breastfeeding T shirts, “The Other White Milk”? And perhaps you’ve heard of the very nasty cease-and-desist order the National Pork Board issued to her?

No? Check it out: Overzealous Big Pork Stomps on Breastfeeding Blogger.

UPDATE: The Pork Board has since apologized and even conducted a fundraiser to raise money for Jennifer’s pet cause, the Mother’s Milk Bank of Ohio. They donated $1000.