Dear Chewy (Chewster, Chewpac, & all the your other pet names)

by Erin Brown

When you came to live with me almost two years ago, I had no idea I would grow to love you the way I do now. No one could have convinced me that you would cry tears of joy just from seeing me walk through the front day each evening. But you do.

If I’m honest with myself, I’ll admit that it was your love, patience and friendship that got me through my first year of law school. There were soooooo many bad days when I walked home in tears, frustrated from all the reading and confusion and loneliness I felt from leaving my family, friends and previous life. Except I was never alone and you made it your daily mission to bring a smile to my face when I no longer thought it was possible. Some days when I felt exhausted and just needed a hug, I would scoop you up and hold on for dear life. And although I’m sure you weren’t particularly fond of those moments, you never left my side.

Literally. If I grab a book to study after having been at school all day, you jump on my lap or nudge you way into my lap, into my life, to make your presence known. I love how you want to spend every waking moment of your life with me. I love how you run to the bathroom to follow me anytime of the day…or night. And I realized just how much you mean to me when I turned back into the house after hearing you cry inside for what seemed like forever. Maybe it wasn’t the most responsible thing to do, but I wanted to let you know that I hear you Chewy. Although I cannot always play hooky from school to spend mornings in the park, and many times I don’t always have the answers you or I want to hear, I still hear you. I hear you crying.

Everyone we know comments on how you’re a completely different dog now. Your behavior has done a complete 180 and I can only attribute that to love. Sure, you still have your moments when you revert back to the psychotic angry fur ball you used to be, but you still prefer me to anyone in the entire world. And I still rush home after work, or school, or anything to be with you. I’ll hip you to a little secret – it’s not because I know you’re waiting for me either. It’s because I’m longing to see you.

Some people laughed when my own mother gave me a Mother’s Day gift this year (in your name, silly!). And although I look forward to mothering my children one day, I’m more than patient for that time to come. Chewy, you are the only family I have in Virginia, the only one who shows me everyday that I am loved and the only one that I physically do things for to prove my love everyday. I truly feel like I am your mother; clingy at times, a little overprotective, and irritable after a long day with overbearing professors.

Some nights I catch myself just watching you play or sleep or just sitting up late with me and I’m impressed on how we both managed to make our little family work. I’m proud of the way we both turned out, mother and son.



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