Dear Mr. Gatorade

Dear Mr. Gatorade,

My son’s vast experience in enthusiastic beverage consumption makes him an ideal candidate for the position of celebrity Propel spokesperson. In addition to being exceptionally cute, he accurately portrays just how delicious and delectable your Propel water beverage is.

Throughout his six months of life thus far, Hayden has been quite picky in his culinary delights. His drink of choice is milk. He tends to scorn other drinks, including water and infant formula. Additionally, he has consistently rejected his Avent bottle for two months now. He finds the mouthpiece on your Propel water bottle particularly appealing.

Rather than continuing to extol the skills and virtues of my young son, I would much rather prove to you that he would make an excellent spokesperson for your product. I respectfully submit the following videos* as proof:

I believe he can apply these same skills to a celebrity Propel spokesperson position with your company. With adorable baby Hayden as your spokesperson, your sales of Propel are sure to increase. We eagerly await your call.

Jordan MamaBlogga

*No Haydens were harmed in the making of these videos.

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