No, not for me. I have no self-discipline. I’ve eaten . . . ?? chocolate chip granola bars today.

Hayden doesn’t understand baby “discipline.” He hurts the cat. The cat hisses at him. I yell at the cat; the cat runs away. I turn to Hayden with my stern voice. “No. That hurts the cat.” Guileless grin. “The cat will hurt you if you hurt her.” Squeal.

Or “Don’t play with the cat food!” Giggles as I grab him and wash his hands.

Some things I wonder if it would be better to let him discover for himself why he shouldn’t do it. Like the cat food. I tried to let him play with it for a minute to get it out of his system and possibly sample it a little. That should definitely dissuade him from playing with it further. But he doesn’t seem interested in eating it… He just wants to play in it.

Sigh. Always into everything.

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