Don’t despair, Aunt Jaime!

Hayden couldn’t keep his hands off Aunt Jaime’s face when she came over last week.

This week, she came over to show off this:

Last week I mentioned that they’re getting serious and now she’s officially engaged (or, as Dad likes to say it, en-gagged). He popped the question on Saturday while they were down in California for her to meet his parents. They sound like nice people.

Possibly the weirdest part? Jaime and her now-fiancé, Russel, dated the exact same amount of time that Ryan and I did before getting engaged. To the day.

The first question (after “Can I see the ring?”) is always “Do you have a date?” They’re getting married on November 18th. It’s a good choice for Jaime since she can take a longer vacation from work for her honeymoon with Thanksgiving, but traveling at that time is going to make our ticket prices higher (though hopefully not as high as at Christmas).

My mom had her heart set on having Baby’s First Christmas out there, but we can’t afford to fly out twice in two months. We were also planning on spending Thanksgiving with Ryan’s parents, especially since we could introduce Hayden to Ryan’s grandparents (they’re 89!) en route. I guess we’ll just have to switch the order of our trips.

Sigh. And I did so like our former plans.

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