End of the idyll?

Last night, I was remarking to Ryan how idyllic our life really is. I mean, it’s tough to get up several times a night (HAYDEN SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT!!!), but I’m not worrying about Hayden making bad choices or talking back or anything bad like that.

Also yesterday, I was given the opportunity to post to a work-related blog. It’s actually the place that hosted the contest I was in a couple months ago. That’s cool. I’m pretty excited—it’s a pretty well-known blog, so I could get to be just a little bit famous in my sector. Kind of mind boggling.

Then there’s today. I get a message from my supervisor—if there’s anyway I can come in today, she needs me to. She has bad news. What, I won’t get a raise? Maybe the parent company doesn’t want to have WAHMs on their staff anymore? My e-mail stops working.

I finally get up with my supervisor—our parent company has decided to close our entire division. A few employees will stay on through February, and 2-3 will stay on permanently. The rest, including all of our management, are supposed to clear out of their offices by the end of today.

I’ve been laid off. Hm. Oh well. I’ll miss my coworkers, but I don’t get to see them very often anyway. I’m not overly concerned about finding something else, possibly because just last Friday my supervisor and I discussed opportunities for me/us outside of the company. We kind of thought that the parent company would drive our division into the ground—I guess they decided not to prolong our suffering.

Oh well, I got severance pay. Maybe I should go collect unemployment.