Five Things Moms Do Right

It’s official—moms are hard on themselves. Don’t believe me? Just ask Pew Research. 56% think mothers today are doing a worse job than their parents did.

So, in the face of all this discouragement, let me offer a little encouragement:

Five things moms do right

  1. Give to their kids. One of the biggest sacrifices that all moms make is their time. Whether it’s nursing a baby all night, entertaining a toddler all day, or running kids from softball to soccer to saxophone lessons all afternoon, moms give up their personal time to help their kids grow and develop.
  2. Make important choices for their kids. Everything from eating vegetables to going to bed at a decent hour, there are things that we do for our kids not because we particularly love doing those things (or fighting with our kids to get them to do them!), but because we know it’s best for them.
  3. Let their kids make their own choices. We try to help our kids learn to be independent and decisive by letting them make their own choices—mostly on some of those things that aren’t quite so important, like what color to wear today.
  4. Try. Some days it seems like I’m killing myself trying! Even if we fall short, I truly believe that if we have tried, something positive we’ve done for our children will make an impact on them.
  5. Love their kids. Even if we’re not perfect parents, and even if it were true that we’re doing a worse job than our parents did, don’t accuse moms today of not loving their children.

What else do you think moms do right?

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48 thoughts on “Five Things Moms Do Right

  1. Thanks for participating in the Memorial Day Edition of the Carnival of Family Life. This is a wonderful contribution to the Carnival!

    Congratulations on the nomination! :-)

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  3. It’s nice to be reminded of the positive aspects of parenting. I think we’re all experts at berating ourselves for our many imperfections. Maybe we should step back and realize that by having them in the first place instead of aborting them speaks volumes about us in a very positive way?

    Here via the Carnival of Family Life :)

  4. thanks for the great post! i think i will include you in my blogroll. my site is a new one and i’m moving my posts from webble you mothers’ net… i like your banner. i would love to have something like what you have… i’m still waiting for my new banner design, though.


  5. I think you should also add that Moms are always putting their kids first. I don’t know if this is always the best thing…but we all seem to get it right.

  6. I think the actual mothers are better documented about their kids. However, the lifestyle was changed a lot comparing with the ’80 years, for example. This could be the reason of your comparison. However, I believe that actual mothers can be better that the mothers from the past but the mentality make this more difficult. Best regards, Jane Ieftin

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