Food Network, the career temptress…

I love Food Network. I would probably watch it all day if I could. Except Emeril. He scares me.

Last night, we watched a show about a competition to create a new ice cream flavor. Delicious. Five finalists got to go to the ice cream plant and make two versions of their ice cream flavor, then tweak it for their final entry. Got to see a lot of the making of ice cream. Ah….

It seems like every time I watch Food Network, though, I go into a life crisis. Oh, food is soooo gooooooooood. Then, depending on what we’re watching, I want to adjust my career plans accordingly. If it’s a cake decorating competition, I want to become a champion cake designer. If it’s like last night’s ice cream show, I want to be an ice cream flavor technician or brand manager.

I think this all started when I read some Reader’s Digest Condensed Book (ooh, condensed milk—fudge…) about a woman that became a chocolatier. It became my dream job for the week. Then it was pastry chef. Then confectioner again. And now Food Network fuels my crazy dreams. I’ve even looked at classes at colleges in my town to learn about candy- and pastry-making. Seems like it’s always desserts…

I think I’m going to gain a lot of weight if I ever get serious about this.

Well, my cookies are done, so I’m going to go eat some!

Want to drool more? These pictures come from Go search for “desserts” and enjoy!!!