Fortunate one

It’s funny how losing your job can change your outlook on things. Normally, when I see a ‘House for Sale’ sign, I think “Investment opportunity?” Now my first thought is “Aw, they must’ve lost their job and can’t afford that house anymore. That’s so sad.” (Don’t worry, that’s not our situation at all.)

Yesterday, after the bad news came in, my old coworkers and I all went to a Chinese buffet. I thought that work should have paid for it, since we were all suddenly uninvited to the work Christmas lunch on Monday, but oh well.

At the end of our lunch, we got our fortune cookies. The two people who were not laid off got the same fortune—something about having a problem.

My fortune was pretty positive: “You will have a chance soon to make a profitable transaction.” ( 1 25 30 34 36 38)

Let’s hope so!