The gallery continues

More pictures from December: gotta get all the cute ones from last year posted and get on those from our trip.

Concert pianist (in his little tuxy for Jaime’s wedding)
Mom’s trying to indoctrinate baby on the subject of fiber arts
He likes his new sweater (still a bit big; I think it’ll fit him in the spring)

Yeah, that’s a toothbrush. What does he need that for?

Two new teeth! Can you see ’em? They’re huge!

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One thought on “The gallery continues

  1. I had a dream you updated your blog. Dreams really do come true. I do need to talk to you. I’ll try to call you today. I miss Hayden as you could probably tell from the way I was so excited to talk to him…I really do need to talk to you about Kevan (yes he spells it like a black man) I don’t know about anything anymore…ANYWAYS! I love the pictures of hayden. The yarn one was kinda gross…

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