Gearing up for the closing ceremonies

If you’ve participated in the BlogOlympics, whether you’ve completed no medals or all three, please comment on this post (even if you’ve commented on the BlogOlympics post) to be included in the closing ceremonies tomorrow!

Please also tell what medal you’ve earned and which events you’ve completed!

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19 thoughts on “Gearing up for the closing ceremonies

  1. Okay….so I got all three medals. :) I commented on over 16 new blogs, I participated in a carnival (entered a post that will be featured in next week’s family life carnival), and I subrscribed to 4 new blogs.
    Thank you Jordan. :)

  2. I commented on 7 new blogs (I counted).
    I have participated in a blog carnival.
    I have participated in 3 group writing projects.
    I have subscribed to 3 new blogs.
    I have submitted my vote for various posts on Technorati, Skrt & Helium at least 7 times.
    I have spoken to my sister about guest blogging for her when she goes on holiday.
    I have added 7 new blogs to my blogroll.

  3. I subscribed to 5 new blogs, commented on 13, and participated in two carnivals. This was really a fun challenge especially the commenting. I am generally a lurker extrordinaire.

  4. I got a Gold Medal. I commented on at least 5 new blogs, added at least 3 new blogs to my blogroll and hosted a group writing project.

  5. I subscribed to 5 new blogs (well a few more than that actually), participated in Summer’s group writing project and added several new blogs to my blogroll. Plus a few more things. This was fun – thanks!

  6. I earned a Silver medal in the BlogOlympics. I subscribed to 4 new blogs, and I commented on over 6 blogs.

    So, how do I put the cool medal on my blog page? (wink)

    Thanks for hosting this, Jordan! It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about blog carnivals. I didn’t know what those were until I read this thread.


  7. Whew!! I made it! Finished with a GOLD : ) I ended up doing something in each medal category: Bronze- I added a new blog to my blogroll (actually, I added 11!) Silver-I submitted an article for a mother/daughter blog carnival at Real Life and GOlD – I commented on a whole bunch of new blogs this week – I stopped counting when I passed 30 comments. Thanks for such a fun idea and great way to get involved!

  8. This was so fun. :) I commented on at least 5 new blogs, that I counted, added a new blog to my blogroll, and got rid of my old draft posts. I subscribed to 3 new blogs and participated in a blog carnival. And I submitted a ton of posts to social networking sites, mostly StumbleUpon. :) 3 medals for me!

  9. I got Gold!! Here’s what I did:

    B: Comment on up to 5 new blogs
    S: Participate in a group writing project
    G: Sign up to host a blog carnival (in fact, I started my own Mothers and Daughters Carnival)

    Thanks for the inspiration, Jordan, you rock! Good work, everybody!

    PS even though you have a boy, you can submit something as a daughter if you want!

  10. I’m a bronze medal winner :) Although I commented on well more than 5, I didn’t count, added several new folks to my blogroll/reader, participated in a blog carnival, got rid of several drafts and otherwise spent way too much time on my computer LOL

    OH, and I’ve tagged you :)

  11. I earned the gold!
    I added several blogs to my blogroll, commented on well over 6 new blogs and started using a feed reader and added a dozen or so blogs to it!

  12. Woohoo, I earned a gold!! 😀

    I have left comments on more than 10 blogs.
    I have added more than 10 blogs to both of my blogs blogroll.
    I am hosting a group writing project.

    I am so excited for the impetus to push beyond my normal stuff even if it has resulted in way too much time on the computer. :-) Thank you for such a great opportunity.

  13. I got the gold! I have left comments on 24 new blogs and have subscribed to 15 of them. I have added 5 of those to my blogroll. I participated in 2 carnivals and cast 3 votes on a social network. I perfected my system for planning and keeping track of my drafts.

    Thanks for this fun challenge!

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