Get up, stand up

Ryan got these adorable fleecey jammies for Hayden at Costco. They even glow in the dark. So here’s a picture of Hayden in them:

Oh yeah, and he’s standing up. Pretty impressive, huh?

Okay, so I set him up there. But this is all him:

It’s a bit dark, but the basic idea there is Ryan tosses Hayden down on the Love Sac (Hayden loves that!). Hayden pulls himself from a reclining position to a sitting position, then bends his knees and launches himself at Daddy.

Hayden was over by the TV and quite upset as I was typing this. Then he crawled over between the couch and the loveseat to come find me. Well, me or the cords under the desk. He’s in an I-play-with-all-things-electrical phase lately. He’s got fists like a steel trap and they’re clenched on my mouse cord right now. I guess this into-everything phase is going to last oh, another 17 years.

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