A great work week

Last week I had a great work week. Here are some of the kind things people said to me:

  • I have to be honest and say that this article is amazing.  From start to finish it read clear as crystal and was entertaining to boot!  You also demonstrated your insights without confusing the reader which to me is worth its "weight" in gold. Jordan, you really should look into writing freelance style for ClickZ or other SEO "informationals."  Send them this article and see what they think.  Anyways, you've definitely got my O.K.
  • Nice job, Jordan.  It's about time someone highlighted this concept to the rest of the industry.
  • Thanks for the heads up, I know that you keep up to date on the SEO world, your opinion is valued.
  • I'd really like to know what [RSS] feeds you subscribe to and what aggregator you use or just how you manage to scan all those things. I heard you telling someone here at [work] one time that you subscribe to like a bazillion of them? :o)  Anyhow, thanks a bunch you're a big help to me and the process that we're always looking to keep up to date.

And I broke the news of Google’s Website Optimizer to my team and the head of our division—a day before the guy in charge of that aspect of our business found out about it.

I felt so well connected and cool. I’m also having fun at the eComXpo this week and getting a lot of hours in.

I’d feel cooler if you read my article.