Growin’ boy

Okay, okay, I know no one cared about what I did over my Thanksgiving vacation. You’re still waiting with bated breath to see what Hayden’s been up to. How was he on the plane? Any milestones in NC? Is he walking yet?

The flight was great. In fact, we just let Hayden fly by himself. Look:

Okay, so really the flight out was a bit rough but the flight back was pretty darn good.

Other things in Hayden’s life:

  • All he wants for Christmas: Two new teeth this last week. His top teeth are HUGE. Relatively speaking, I guess.
  • A budding love of music: discovered the piano at my parents’. I swear he got to play it more often than I did. My mom gave him a baby piano for our Christmas. It’s among his favorite toys now. Jasmine gave him a Leap Frog drum. He’s begun to understand that one better in the last few days.
  • Not quite ready to walk, though.

By the way, the above video was courtesy of my parents’ new digital camera. It’s the first digital ‘talkie’ that stars Hayden. Many more to come (hopefully). Another excellent Christmas gift from my parents: a mini DV camcorder. Just gotta get my hands on a firewire cable.

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