Happy birthday to me!

I take it all back. Ryan surprised me by taking the day off work (one of his employees also happens to work at the gym’s day care and gave Ryan a call when we arrived) to come home and straighten up and make me a cake.

And as I picked Hayden up from the gym day care, I happened to look in his mouth—and he has another new tooth. I think it must’ve come in yesterday. We missed it partially because we were expecting his next tooth to come in on the top. But no, it’s his bottom left lateral incisor. Surprises all ’round!

Happy birthday to me!

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me!

  1. You’re a better mom than I am, Spencer (10) has been losing teeth right and left for some reason—it’s like they’re all falling out at once. I hardly even notice them anymore. “Lost another tooth? Heh, don’t swallow it.”

  2. Aw, my sister lost her very first tooth while eating a frozen donut. She was so sad to have swallowed it!

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