Happy Birthday to you!

Saturday was Hayden’s first birthday. Oddly enough, we didn’t get all introspective, or look at his baby pictures, or marvel how much he’s grown (so much). My mom did say, “Just be glad it’s not last year”—and I am (two words: spinal headache!). Plus, I don’t have to go through last year again. There were good times, of course, but it was a lot of work.

So while his birthday was a milestone, of course, it wasn’t like a “turning point.” I’ve been surprised to find that nearly every milestone in my life isn’t marked by a huge change (the one exception: becoming a mother was an enormous, instantaneous change!). As I remarked to one of the moms at the party, “It’s almost as if he’s been working up to this day every day of his whole life—as if he were only one day older than he was yesterday!” Life slips away so gradually.

Anyway, now for some pictures from Hayden’s birthday party!

Intrigued by his birthday banner! (This is actually after the party, but I thought it should be first!)
We decided not to torture him with a party hat, so he got this cute pin instead. (I pinned it on the shirt before dressing him; no pin pricks for either of us!)
With Uncle Sean and Jess’s present. (He liked the hangers the best, of course.) We opened presents throughout the party; it gave Hayden time to play with them and enjoy each one.
Let him eat cake. Aunt Jaime likes feeding him cake. He likes eating the frosting. He wasn’t very interested in cake. Probably because Aunt Jaime spoiled him on cake last week. 😉
One of the baby guests: Miss Sadie. Like Hayden, she has excellent table manners.
Hayden with Nana & Grandpa McCollum’s gift: an adorable set of percussion instruments. I think they hate us 😉 . In the background, the other baby guest, Ethan, who is kind-of-but-not-really-related to us. (Long story made short: Ethan’s uncle is married to Hayden’s aunt.)

I haven’t had enough pictures up here lately. The rest of the week I’ll post pictures of Hayden playing with his gifts and his latest antics. And yes, I’ll try to get the video from the party online. No promises.

Last note: “Hayden and the new baby” is featured this week in the Carnival of Family Life #40.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to you!

  1. Happy Birthday little one. Wishing him loads of luck in life. My little nephew just turned one. He is the best thing that ever happened in our family.
    Drop into my birthday blog for some beautiful ecards and other interesting info.

  2. Ok, let’s set the record straight. I HELD Hayden as Russel fed him straight frosting. But the week before I gave him mostly cake with tinier bits of frosting. Basically, it’s all Russel’s fault and I just enable Hayden to try new things!

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