Happy New Year

It’s that time again: New Year’s Resolution time. Sigh. Aside from the resolutions I make every year (increase my spirituality, be more patient, eat better), I’m not sure what else to resolve to do.

Then again, if I’m still making the same resolutions, maybe I should just focus on those.

Okay, here’s one more, which was a resolution last year, too, but I don’t feel so bad for not following through with all the change in my life last year: FLYlady.

And, of course, I resolve to find some sort of employment. I guess.

I hate telling people my New Year’s Resolutions; I like to keep them secret like a birthday wish. Of course, I suppose that if I don’t record them, they’re almost exactly like a birthday wish, but without the candles.

I prefer calling them goals. What are your goals for the year?