Happy Nine Month Day, Hayden Dear

Hayden is nine months old today! What a big boy!

In honor of Hayden’s “nine month day,” we have . . . Hidden Talents of Parenting in the First Nine Months!

  • To know when he’s been quiet too long, knocked something important over or about to fall.
  • To hold him and still use two hands to feed the cat, wash dishes and cook dinner. (Not all three at once, though; maybe in the next 9 months.)
  • To jump into the Love Sack safely while holding him and not snapping his neck.
  • To “wrestle” in a vaguely convincing way and make Hayden “uuuuTHE WINNA!!!”
  • To really wrestle him down to change his diapers, dress him, cut his nails or clean his nose—including holding him with both legs and an arm.
  • To appreciate the struggle—don’t always save him from his frustrations. Just sometimes.

And now the short list of Things You Can Never Get Enough Of:

  • Patience
  • Time
  • Hands
  • Confidence
  • Ways to show him how much you love him

Hayden adds “000000000000000000000000.” Got a little too close to the keyboard with him.

Today is interesting—it’s like the end of the third trimester of our married life. The first 9 months was just Ryan and me, the second nine months we were expecting and this last nine months we’ve had baby Haydie.