He speaks! Er… He gestures!

It looks like Hayden’s really starting to understand pointing. For example:

  • Yesterday, Ryan let me sleep in a little bit. He and Hayden were playing in the front room. Ryan picked him up and asked him, “Where’s Mama?” Hayden pointed toward the hallway. Ryan carried him to the hallway. “Where’s Mama?” Hayden pointed down the hallway. Ryan carried him down the hallway. “Where’s Mama?” Hayden pointed into our bedroom. Ryan carried him into our bedroom. Hayden starts giggling. “Where’s Mama?” Hayden pointed further inside the bedroom. Ryan carried him further inside the bedroom. “Where’s Mama?” Hayden pointed to . . . the candles. “Silly candles,” we imagined Hayden saying. “They get me every time!” (Then he pointed to me.)
  • Today right before his bath, I was standing with him in the doorway and asked him where the bath was. He pointed right to it.
  • And my favorite: today I told him I loved him. He looked at me, smiled, and pointed at me as if to say “I love you, too, mama!” And then, to make it even sweeter, he did it again.
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