Hooray! I won! Thank you for all your help! I win two books (well, three if you count the one that I won from eComXpo) and am entered into the final four to be judged on merit. I don’t expect to win (I think week one’s winner was very good and there are a few good entries this week), but I’m just excited. I got 633 unique views—I think that’s my lucky number. It was the time that Ryan was born (PM) and it was my house number when I met Ryan. Plus, I only won by 3, so thanks to everyone that visited my article. I’ll get those links all over the page down ASAP.

Hayden’s excited for me, too (you need to watch this more than once to get it to work right):

Yesterday he learned to clap! I was able to catch the tail end of his third attempt. He seems to like it—it’s making noise!

Finally, I think you should go to Google if you’re “White & Nerdy” and a fan of Weird Al. He’s back—with a vengeance. Sadly, my conscience says I can’t link to it since there are like 1 or 2 inappropriate parts. But you can find it yourself.

It’s a parody of “Ridin'” by Chamillionaire. Reminds me of the time I asked Hayden how he wanted to ride (ie backpack or frontpack). I looked at my pasty white baby and immediately knew the right answer, “Mama, I wanna ride till I die.”

Maybe that part’s only funny to people who really did grow up (in but not of the) gangsta.