I have a daughter (Or, alternatively, I am slow)

Maybe I’ve been a mother of a boy for too long. Maybe I’ve been out of school for too long. Maybe I’m just clueless. But this week, it suddenly hit me.

I have a daughter.

What up, Mom?

Okay, really, I know she’s a girl. In fact, it was one year ago today that we found out we were having a girl. So I’ve had plenty of time to get used to that idea.

But I guess I hadn’t really appreciated the full meaning of having a daughter until this week. It happened gradually. First we ran out of everyday pants for Rebecca, so I went through the mass of 6-12 month clothes we finally got out for her (she also still needs a dresser). All I found were dresses and skirts. I settled for a denim play skirt.

Look at those lashes!

We went through two denim skirts that day, and still the laundry didn’t get done (where is my laundry fairy?!). So the next day, I put her in a dress.

kids-feb-mar-2009-092smallIt was at this point that it hit me. I have a little girl. She can wear play dresses and tights—and I can buy frills and ribbons and flowers. She can play with dolls and pretend to teach them to read. She can play house, pretend to cook (if Hayden will let her take over those duties, of course), and dress up in my high heels. (No comment on doing her hair.)

But most of all: she can take dance lessons. Most instruments, most sports, most clubs, most other extracurriculars are fairly gender-neutral. But, let’s face it, dance lessons are they epitome of little girlitude.

This led me to a new dilemma: what kind of dance lessons? I did years and years of ballet, and a semester of Irish dance in college. I love lyrical; I don’t enjoy tap or jazz. We’re technically of Scottish descent, so there’s always Highland dance to consider.


I’ve decided, however, not to worry about all that now. Even after she’s old enough to start “dance” lessons, it’ll be years before she’s old enough or required to choose among the various styles.

And considering it took me a year to understand that we have a daughter, I’m sure it’ll take me that long to figure out what kind of dance (if any) we want her in anyway!

What are your favorite things about little girls?

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10 thoughts on “I have a daughter (Or, alternatively, I am slow)

  1. love the post! aren’t the bows and accessories the best? and this coming from a mom who tries not to dress her daughter in pink too often lest she get a princess complex…

    is highland dancing similar to Irish or clogging? if so, that gets my vote. for whatever that is worth.

  2. It’s closer to Irish. And how could I forget the clogging option?

    Hayden has now learned the word “princess” (he says it “punciss”) and asks if Rebecca’s a princess whenever she’s in a dress. So if anyone’s going to give her a complex, it won’t be me (directly).

  3. Of course Becca’s going to be a dancer. She’ll be like her mommy and aunties. Maybe, if she’s lucky, she can dance to MJ’s Black or White and a totally awesome leo!!

  4. As the mom of 2 grown daughters, I’m so glad I have a granddaughter ~ ‘Lil Moomette! Now I get to dress her in fancy things all over again! You’re little sweetie is so cute!

    My oldest DD26 took Irish dance for years & years! Gillies, St. Pat parades, ceile, hard sole shoes, costumes, and much embroidery (on my part)! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  5. @Jaz—only if she’s super lucky. Or I get a job as a dance teacher 😉 .

    @Cindi—That’s awesome! Did you do her dresses? My goodness!

  6. I have two boys and then a girl. For the first 2 years I dressed my daughter in nothing but pretty dresses and matching tights. She was just the biggest dolly ever! As soon as she was old enough to realize she could choose her clothes….that was it. NO MORE DRESSES! I now have a girl that will ONLY wear a dress for church and a party….and NO TIGHTS – please mummy, no tights!

    Sigh. She’s a ragamuffin who hates bows in her hair and I think she’d rather play trains than ponies.

    Oh well…..I tried. Perhaps she WILL develop a princess complex….I can only hope because right now she thinks she’s a boy!!

  7. @Lisa—Well, at least you can get her in dresses for church, right? Are you going to find out the gender of your new little one? Maybe with a little sister, LM will be more eager to embrace her girliness.

    I have a cousin who has two older brothers and she wanted to be just like them—to the point of trying to learn to pee standing up, holding her belly button…. She got over that eventually 😉 .

  8. Girls are wonderful! Playing dressup, watching a fascination with shoes and having her clomp around in my heels, draping beads around her neck, and baby her dolls are just some of the highlights. Spinning around in circles while her dress flares out. I love my girly girl – including the fact that she can stand up to any boy her age if she desires!

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