I spoke too soon…

Remember yesterday how I said I was surprised that the ants hadn’t started raiding?

I spoke too soon.

Our annual ant battle begins.

Today I vacuumed the living room twice. (We vacuumed it on Saturday, and vacuumed the dining room and living room yesterday.) My favorite way to get of ants is to vacuum up all the crumbs in the room—and any ants wandering around.

They come back.

So, who has a better (baby-safe) way to get rid of ants? I hear bay leaves are good. Borax (is that baby safe)?

Part of the problem is that the ants aren’t coming from outside. We’ve finally confirmed that they live under our house and come in through cracks between the wall and the floor. Better yet, the crawl space under that part of the house is way too narrow to get to the ant hill.

Any help?

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6 thoughts on “I spoke too soon…

  1. I had a similar problem during our summer and I used internal Ant Rid. I presume you can get in your part of the world.

    I put it out the reach of animals and children and I think it is borax based. It seemed to work, until the next time.

  2. When my mum had ants she used ant killer from the garden centre, it was powder stuff you put at the point of entry.

    This may not be helpful if you have many points of entry.

    As for the baby, you could always cordon the offending area off until the ant killer has worked?

  3. you could use the little traps and place them places hayden can’t get (we have these) and also windex can work on them as well… they supposedly hate it so i spray areas i think they seem to be coming in. I can’t keep up on vaccuming, but i sweep the wood after every meal. Ants drive me mad.

  4. What type of ants are they? I know that grond clove keeps ant away. but I suppose only if you can put it where you know they are coming in.

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