I’m a big boy!

Hayden was very whiny while Ryan and I ate dinner. We were even nice enough to feed him some of our dinner from our forks. But it soon became clear that the food wasn’t really what he was after. He continued to scream. We were both getting pretty frustrated.

Finally I realized he wanted to hold our forks. No way—I don’t want him to poke himself. Or us, come to think of it.

So I grabbed one of his spoons for him. Ryan realized that he just wanted to be like Mommy & Daddy:

We probably should have figured this out sooner. Tuesday he did the same thing—clamor for our flatware and then eat out of the bowl. I have a video of him feeding Daddy and himself pretend stew.

Just goes to show you: change your frame of reference. Here I was, getting frustrated with a whiny kid and all he wanted to do was emulate me. When will I ever learn?

Sleep update: Last night, Ryan and I went to bed at 9, since Haydie usually sleeps for a while at first. Of course, as we walked by his room, the door creaked and he stirred. He moaned for a little while, but finally fell asleep on his own. And slept until 4 AM—at which point, he screamed very loudly. He soon fell silent, though.

Ryan still went in to him since he has a horrific diaper rash and we didn’t want him sitting in a wet diaper. Ryan found Hayden sucking his fingers, which he continued to do contentedly throughout a quick diaper change. I could hear him talking to Ryan a little—almost as if he were giving him instructions. After that he went right to bed and slept until 8 AM. It was wonderful.

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