July GWP Day One

We’re off to a bit of a slow start for the July Group Writing Project as far as number of entries, but the caliber of entries is way up there! All of our wonderful entries today detail the complicated relationship they’ve had with their mothers at some point—and all of them found something to value from that relationship. Today’s entries:

Read and comment—these thoughtful entries deserve it! And don’t forget to submit your entries to the Group Writing Project on the theme of “Thanks, Mom.”

This is a rather random thing that I actually think about quite a bit, especially now that I’m a mother myself.

Thanks for making us eat our vegetables, Mom. No, really. We’ve all grown up to be pretty good about eating our veggies. Granted, I don’t know if we’d eat Brussels sprouts or eggplant, but my sisters and I have developed a love for cucumbers, green beans and broccoli.

Part of the reason I appreciate this so much is I now appreciate how tough it can be to get your kids to eat vegetables. Hayden actually eats almost anything with enough persuasion—the hard part is working them into your family’s diet. So I really admire my mom for always making sure we didn’t just have meat and potatoes (or spaghetti or any other meat/starch combination) on the table.

Thanks, Mom.

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  1. I’m definitely going to add an entry to this. Hopefully by thursday it will be done and ready to enter. Now to go read the entries already in…

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