Lesson for the day

I’ve been on a domestic kick so far this week. This morning I made chocolate chip cookies. I was very self-disciplined: I didn’t eat any of them! Okay, except for the one that fell apart. But I only ate the piece that fell on the counter.

Which brings to mind a valuable lesson: the chocolate chips of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie will not only burn you, but they stick to your fingers, lips and tongue. That means that even after you drop the offending morsel, you keep burning. Ouch.

This suddenly made me think of the Sesame Street segment where a little girl is sitting in a high chair eating a chocolate cookie. Cookie Monster does a voice-over and keeps trying to get the little girl to share with him. She doesn’t, of course. She ends up with all of her hands and face covered in chocolate. Am I the only one that remembers this? A quick search doesn’t find it on Google Video or YouTube…