A little more about me…

These are a few of my favorite things…

Wedding day, 2004
Raleigh (technically Apex), North Carolina

Family! Hayden is 5 weeks old here.

Hayden, age 4 months, with my mom, age 16 ;), aka Nana Diana.

“Discovery (4 months)”
I made over a photo of Hayden to look oh-so-very-artsy.
He really likes playing with his feet these days.

I decided not to post a picture of a cold glass of milk, although I do like that quite a bit, too. Having your refrigerator die on you makes you appreciate the little, cold things even more. It also makes you appreciate the freezer still running, especially with 23 pounds of raw chicken in the freezer. And the little fridge Ryan bought when he was an apartment dweller that now holds all of our food, even if it did freeze the butter and the vegetables.

Hayden’s looking mighty proud of himself—probably means I should change his diaper. Gotta get the little guy dressed for church.