Little sick-o

I think Hayden might be getting sick. During his bedtime routine (immediately after nursing and right before bath), he puked. :( Then again after his bath. Double :(

Makes me think of our fun pukey times in November in North Carolina. Hayden caught a little cold and totally puked his guts up. Three times. Twice all over me. Poor kid would puke and puke until he was absolutely exhausted.

Right after he threw up one morning, I was holding him over a bucket on the couch (just in case). I was talking to my dad and holding Hayden in an upright position, when I realized he was a bit limp. I looked down at him—and he was asleep. Poor little exhausted guy. I laid down on the couch and let him sleep on my chest for an hour.

As unpleasant as it was to be puked on, you gotta feel worse for the little guy. It was, of course, totally endearing to find my poor sick baby had fallen asleep and then slept in my arms. I’d like to imagine that he was as comfortable as he could possibly be there.

Note: puke and spit up are not the same thing. All kids spit up. Puke is completely different. Believe me. You probably don’t want me to delve into the difference between spit up and puke, but they’re different things.

Who ever said that Moms are exempt from learning new things every day?

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3 thoughts on “Little sick-o

  1. I am sorry Baby Haydee is sick! I hope he is not too bad this morning.
    However, I must say, those are some BIG teeth in his mouth!
    Oh, and we are out of school for a snow day!

  2. Told you it was getting cold there.

    They are big teeth! He likes wrinkling his nose to show them off. I guess you saw that on Brooke’s Facebook pictures.

    He’s still sick. He was pretty snotty when I got him up this morning. He puked, but I think he kept a lot of his meal down. He’s asleep again now.

    You actually might like him sick: he’s very snuggly.

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