Love kisses

Hayden has been kissing just about any stuffed animal he can get his hands on lately. (I’ve got some cute video of him kissing Marty the Monkey that I’ll have to upload.)

At least I think it’s kissing… He hasn’t quite learned the puckering portion of kissing and instead just presses the stuffed animal’s muzzle (sometimes its mouth, but more often its nose) against his lips over and over again.

Unfortunately, he’s not much of a one for kissing people. At least not me, anyway. I have even asked outright for kisses. Sometimes he smiles at me coyly; most of the time he makes the stuffed animal kiss me. (Once, completely without prompting, he gave his dad a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, so I’m doubly jealous!)

Today, I let him play with a fur mouse that really belongs to Whiskers. Don’t worry, she’s never used it; it was still in its packaging when he found it and demanded it. As soon as I gave it to him, he began to press it to his lips. I was sitting with my face inches from him anyway, so I took this opportunity to ask for kisses.

He offered me the mouse.

I stole a kiss.

He went back to kissing the mouse. The next time I looked over at him, he still had the mouse against his mouth. Well, more accurately, between his teeth.

Guess I don’t need kisses that bad.

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