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Whether you’re here for the Group Writing Project, StumbleUpon, or an old friend, take a look at the most popular posts for August here on MamaBlogga.

  1. Seven Ways to Master FeedBurner
  2. Get the most out of guest blogging
  3. The BlogOlympics (and the accompanying posts: The Upcoming BlogOlympics, Gearing up for the closing ceremonies, and The BlogOlympics Closing Ceremonies)
  4. 7 Steps to Brand Your Blog
  5. Blog Carnivals, Start to Finish
  6. Setting goals for your blog
  7. Living our life
  8. Sons and daughters
  9. I’m jealous (and the followup, I was jealous, is not to be missed!)
  10. I do want a badge

The BlogOlympics were clearly a big hit—and thanks to the medalists for making them that way!

I’ve had a few people ask if there will be a way to participate even though the time limit is over, or when we’ll hold the next one. I’ve been toying with the idea of letting people continue to complete events (within a two-week time frame) to earn a badge; what do my BlogOlympics medalists think of that idea?

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