The Mothers-of-Boys Manifesto

It’s time I said something. I have to stand up for all the mothers of little boys out there.

We want adorably outfitted children, too! Yes, there are cute clothes for baby boys, but compared to the selection and cute-itude of baby girl clothes, them’s slim pickins. How many department stores have you been to where the infant/toddlers section has maybe three racks of boys’ clothes and 400 square feet of girls’ clothes?

Easter is the worst. Not only are we innundated with frilly pastel dresses, but even the boys’ selection seems to be all pink and purple—perfectly camouflaged with the girls’ clothes. (I think Hayden could pull it off, but I don’t think Ryan really wants him to!)

And then there’s the hair. Don’t even get me started on the hair.

So today, after Hayden fed himself breakfast:

I fixed his hair:

THERE, mothers of girls with adorable curls, precious pigtails, and beatiful bows and braids. Boys can have their mommies do their hair, too. And it can be perfectly manly.

The best part? His hair stayed like that the rest of the day. I’m telling you: applesauce+yogurt is the next big thing in hair products.

3 thoughts on “The Mothers-of-Boys Manifesto

  1. LOL! I can so relate to this. Not a new trend at all, as I was always vexed by the limited offerings for my boy-child, who is now in his thirties. Come to think of it, it’s still harder to find clothes gifts for him than for the gals in my life!

    Here for the Carnival of Family Life. Great entry!

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