my 1st essay: a baby’s perspective

Today’s post is courtesy of Hayden!

top ten reasons why my mommy is the meanest in the world

1. she makes me take naps. i cry and cry. i hate naps.
2. when we play peek-a-boo around the couch, she keeps moving. she thinks i don’t know she moves, but i’m smart.
3. she makes me eat yucky foods like bananas and pears and apples and peas. i only want milk. unless mommy’s trying to eat something. then i want that. she won’t let me have it. that’s #4.
5. she makes me wear clothes. i squirm and wiggle. i don’t like clothes. i like nakey!
6. she washes my face, especially after trying to get me to eat yucky bananas and pears and apples and peas.
7. she cleans my nose. i hate it.
8. sometimes she goes out of the room when we’re playing. i don’t want her to leave. i want her to stay and play.
9. she makes me ride in the car seat. i’m a big boy. i don’t want car seat. and it doesn’t even tip over anymore. no fun.
10. she won’t let me play with cords or outlets or grab the kitty or pull her hair or eat everything i find. but she does let me make messes.
11. she only lets me see the top ten on david letterman every couple weeks.

are there 11 things there? i can’t count. i’m just a baby. that’s silly!

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