“My baby’s amazing!”

For about a week, every night at his last diaper change before bath & bed, Hayden peed on me. Okay, okay, once on Ryan, twice in the tub, but the rest were all me.

I know that I have a little boy and this is allegedly one of the infamous hazards of little boys, but it seemed like a bit much. He really doesn’t do that very often.

But after the ninth or tenth night of being peed on, I knew I had to take action. So I did. Last Wednesday, instead of undressing Hayden in his room before his bath, I took him straight into the bathroom. I held him over the potty in an “EC’ing” position and . . . he peed in the potty (and a few other places). Six months old. Peeing in the potty.

Ryan walked in as Hayden was peeing in the potty. He was pretty much astounded. He exclaimed, “My baby’s amazing!” Of course, we already knew that.

Note: since then, he has peed in the potty 2 or 3 more nights. Pretty impressive, huh?