Naming names

Ryan wanted to wait until Hayden was born before we fully decided on a name to make sure it fit him. But since we didn’t have any other boy names we’d chosen (we’re saving Benjamin for our next son), nothing else seemed more appropriate than Hayden. I was a little worried since Hayden and other -aden names are so popular today. I didn’t want my little boy’s name to be the same as (or rhyme) with all his classmates’!

Then I thought about the other names that I really like: Benjamin, Rachel and Rebecca. These biblical names are each in the top 20 just about every year. If I was looking for originality, my kids are doomed! Maybe I’ll spell it Rhybbeckah. Yeah, then she’ll stand out.

Yep, “standing out” is the #1 quality I want my child’s name to portray. Heritage, traits, beliefs, attributes—none of that matters. MY CHILD MUST BE UNIQUE! I wish we parents could hear ourselves sometimes…

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3 thoughts on “Naming names

  1. Speak of the devil. I was going to tell you to comment on here, Dad. Thanks.

    Rupp’eckheh… just a short leap from Rumpelstiltskin…

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