Only 3 more shopping days until Christmas! (Sunday doesn’t count)

Yep, only 3 more shopping days until Christmas (if you don’t do business on Sundays). So far, I have only one more thing to buy for Christmas presents.

I’m done with all of my Christmas baking: 3 1/2 dozen rolls, 6 loaves of bread, cookies, desserts, presents and (I know it isn’t baking) a dozen jars of vanilla pear jelly.

I have one knitting project nearly finished and two (hopefully quick!) projects to start and finish before Christmas.

And I have wrapped absolutely nothing.

We head out tomorrow afternoon for sunny San Diego. Lots of knitting time in the car, I hope.

It’ll be nice to be in a place with a high temperature above freezing. The high today was 30 degrees F. The low was 14. It’s always a bit of a shock for me to drive through town and see one of those time/temp clocks with a negative Celsius reading. Yeah, the high today was -1 degrees C. The low was -10. And we went out delivering gifts after dark with Hayden. We must be crazy.